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Kinky slut gets facialed

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

You’re back for another swim in the pit of sticky messy cum, eh? Well, today’s Jizz on My GF feature is about this steamy amateur chick who gives pleasure not just to her sleazy self but more so give the pleasure to anyone who would see all her naughty photos. She has compiled these pictures for all the fans of who like looking at skanky amateur bitches who get facialed or cum-drenched all over their bodies. She’s one wild GF who would go all the way for her fuck buddies and just have one hell of a fucking time. It’s not too hard to see how far this chick go for anyone who’d fuck her, just take a good look at her photos and you’ll understand what we’re saying. But if you’re like too horny right now and can’t think straight, well, you really don’t have to think of anything but this wild cum-loving chick getting naked, showing her perky tits, shaven cunt, and enjoying a hot explosion of jizz on her pretty face. This hardcore hottie likes getting playful during foreplay and she knows exactly what she wants. She would be in lingeries, fishnet stockings, and likes to experiment with other stuff, which includes sucking on other things aside from huge and stiff throbbing cocks. Check out all her photos here and enjoying looking at her face dripping with jizz.

Kinky babe gets one hot cum facial

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

What can I say but you are sure one hell of a lucky Jizz on My GF fan who came by at the perfect time to see a whole new photo selection of another steamy amateur chick who enjoys getting cummed on especially on her pretty face. I think, based from the pictures in this feature, this ┬áslut is awfully thirsty and of course too horny that she ended up playing with her boyfriend’s jizz the moment it exploded on her face. She was supposed to swallow the entire load but she think better of it and did a lot more exciting stuff with it to make all these photos drool-worthy. I’m betting that you are all wide-eyed right now coz this hardcore honey sure knows what to do with our seeds. Spilt or not, she would save a lot of them and really enjoy the mess of it all. Every single photo here is just pure pleasure to all of us who like watching our bitches get cum-drenched. For now you could take a bit of a break from browsing through our site,, and concentrate on this how wild amateur honey. We will not go anywhere but I think you will have to find a cozy private space where you would explode your own cum after seeing all of these photos.

Amateur chicks loving the messy cumshot

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 gives you this hot photo gallery of different amateur naughty chicks who get so much pleasure when they’re all jizzed up. They like the taste of their boyfriends’ cum and they simply like getting splashed with the sticky goo and swallowing everything too when they get that horny. All the pictures shared with us by all these sexy horny nasty cum bitches are 100% sure way to keep you and your throbbing dicks company. I have been looking at each and every chick and how they like to take on a ton of cum explosion and all I can say is they do enjoy getting wet and dirty even if I know some bitches would most probably cringe at the thought of even spilling my seed on their face. Jizz on My GF has a lot more to show you but since this is what we got for today, which am pretty sure you are so enjoying right now, you got all the time to drool over each one of our cum-hungry vixens and cum back for more later. Check out the entire picture collection here.

Hardcore babe enjoys a sticky cum facial

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

One hot Jizz on My GF edition perfect for a cold rainy day. Well, I don’t know if it’s raining over where you are now but you can have a few drizzles there too after you view all the pictures of this amateur cocksucking chick when you jerk off. See, this horny girlfriend didn’t plan on doing anything else after she gives her friend a blowjob coz she still has to meet one of her sorority sisters in a few minutes after the “quickie” but you’ll see what happened next when this naughty slut gets a bit more sleazy and ended up getting naked, getting fucked, and of course our favorite, getting her pretty face jizzed on. These photos tell a very nice fucked up story. So fucked that you wouldn’t think this amateur chick will ever get to meet up with her girls when she gets wornout. I guess she would have to postpone the boring get together and just enjoy doing her dirty deeds right over here, eh? So anyway, this amateur fuck did enjoy her stay so much that she went full throttle pleasing her boy friend. First it was just a nice lick and orgasmic sucks on her friend’s cock until she sucks it all in, the deepest she could go. And because she made a fuckin’ nice boner out of the limp cock, she gets a nice hard fucking for it plus a hot sticky bonus: a nice warm cum facial, which made her wish she could’ve swallowed if this horny dude just aimed straight for her mouth. There’s always a next time, slut, so better share that with soon, yeah? We’ll be waiting with our helicopter woody on the ready.

Naked chick swallows creamy jizz

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

It’s one of those days when some steamy amateur babe would want to try and experiment with anything sleazy with or without their boyfriend or just plain fuck buddy. Today we’re all lucky to have this horny cocksucking girlfriend who became an instant Jizz on My GF fan when she watched a couple of videos where wild teens like herself simply finds pleasure in giving a mind-blowing BJ. Hot, eh? Well, the photos you’ll see in this feature will definitely blow your minds away coz this is really on hell of an amateur bitch who knows how to please a horny man. The story is quite simple and maybe you’ve heard different versions but all I know is that with every story, there’s always a different sexual pleasure that we get and this kinky chick is sure to fire you up like it did me and most of the perverted souls surrounding me now. This amateur cocksucking slut have been “practicing” before she even tried giving her boyfriend a warm-up sucking the throbbing boner, licking and playing with the balls that hang for the purpose of, well, getting licked and sucked. So, anyway, the story? Plain and simple. Typically bored amateur chick wanted to try out her blowjob skills and so she invited her boyfriend over for some hot sexytime plus a nice hardcore photo shoot to go with it too. The best part is, this horny babe just discovered a new thing she can do and would love to do again: swallowing jizz. Check out the full photo collection here on and enjoy the flamin’ hot scenes that you’re about to see.

Creamed nasty amateur girlfriends

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

It’s another sticky Jizz on My GF edition for all you fans out there. You shouldn’t miss this one out since you will be seeing a handful of amateur chicks drenched in jizz in almost all ways possible. These naughty girlfriends will show you just how much they wanted getting wet with your hot cum, boasting in these pictures a fun time they had with their boyfriends. Each sleazy bitch in this photo gallery gets creamed and each of them has their own personal preference as to where they want these dudes explode either anywhere on their naked bodies or on their pretty face. That sounds really good, eh? Well, wait ’til you see all of the bitches who got creamed in this feature and you better be prepared to pour out your own load coz this is going to be a steamy hot day for jacking off. We got chicks who likes jizz on their face, inside their mouth, on their ass, some likes cum on their twats, a few likes getting wet with jizz on their tits, and the rest will take your hot load just about anywhere and swallow it even. I’m guessing more than half of these bitches will suck on us dry and swallow our cum. But you decide for yourself and check on who’s going to do what in this photo collection and be sure to have bookmarked so you’d have an easy access to the next hot and fully cum loaded episodes.

Babes who like getting jizzed on

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Excited for this new Jizz on My GF edition, eh? Well, we all should be because this is one steamy feature of amateur honeys who simply like getting jizz all over their sexy bodies. Oh, and of course, we have a handful of naughty bitches who prefer male goo on their pretty faces or better yet, swallow the entire load. Sounds about right, I know, and this photo gallery will give you all that you came here for. Let’s see, we have various chicks right here with different “cum preference spots” that you will definitely enjoy. We have bitches who like jizz on their tits, some like getting it in their ass or on their twats, a few would let you pour your cum inside their mouths and they will show you how they love swallowing your seeds, and the rest simply want to get all messy and drench themselves all over with our sticky goo. You know, chicks who like cum on their belly, their butt cheeks, and just about on any part of their naked bodies. will show you more, just keep on checking back to view all our picture collection. I’m pretty sure that we will never run out of cum-drenched slutty amateur bitches to show you as long as you keep on cumming back. Be sure to view the full photo gallery to enjoy the rest of the wild and kinky chicks covered in cum in this page.

Slutty amateur chicks get jizzed on

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

We got some naughty amateur babes today who will show you just how fun it is to see cum dripping all over their body and nice and pretty faces. While some girlfriends in these pictures wanted more than just getting cum-drenched, you’ll see some of them like cum inside their mouths and, well, swallow them. Sounds good, huh? It actually gets better because here in, all these sizzling hotness is always available to give you the pleasure that you want. Don’t these photos make those nerve endings pulsate while you stroke that boner? Well, here at the Jizz on My GF studio, we already have boxes of tissue piled up in a corner, ready to be used for our jacking off spree. You see, we all like seeing pictures of wild bitches getting all those gunk on their faces, or on their nice breasts, their cunts, or on their ass, and most especially we love bitches who are in it to swallow everything. Yeah, you think it’s easy to find babes who’ll drink your juice up, eh? If you can’t get one now, just head on back here to view all their photos and you will never be disappointed.

Chicks get drenched in cum

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Welcome back to Jizz on My GF, to another burning hot episode of a photo collection of amateur babes who enjoy getting drenched in jizz. They want all the sticky mess on their faces, inside their mouths, on their cunt, and some enjoy the warmth of cum inside their ass. Oh, and don’t forget bitches who beg for their fuck buddies to explode their jizz on their nice tits. Hmmm… this is one of my favorites. I like seeing my jizz ooze from my cock and watch it spurt on my babe’s skin or I can watch other dudes get their girlfriends wet with their cum and I’d still feel so fucking horny since I will be jacking off endlessly ’til I get so wornout, I’d be sleeping with the fishes with my cum all over my hairy thighs. Visiting means seeing a lot of these amateur babes who wanted jizz like it’s an aphrodisiac of a sort that will drive them wild and would want to show more of what they can do, sporting jizz all over their bodies. I don’t mind seeing nasty chicks covered with cum from various dudes, I actually like to try that real soon. Ha! View the entire picture set right here now!

Girlfriends jizzed in different ways

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Visiting means that you are in dire need of a dose of cummed on honeys and today’s picture gallery will give you just that. Here is a pile of various girlfriends who got cum-drenched in ways they love. Let’s see, well, we got swallowers, we have some bitches who like cum on their tits, some wanted to get real wet on their ass, while the rest would want their load on any part of their body and even on their pretty faces. So now that you consider yourself a fan of Jizz on My GF, coming back for more, enjoying our photo galleries, I bet you will like all these kinky sluts glistening with hot and sticky cum all over themselves. They want you to jack off and pour your jizz all over the place, just like you would when you’re fucking your girlfriend. Oh, but when you got a chick or two to get all kinky and crazy with, I think you will not waste your male goo on your furnitures. Instead, you’d let your bitches swallow some and pour the rest on their boobies and pussy or in their tight assholes. Now to fully enjoy these naughty chicks, view all the pictures here and do cum back for more.