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Girlfriends get their asses sprayed with jizz

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

Jizz on My GF is filled with all sorts of raunchy amateur skanks who enjoy some or a lot of messy spunk. So, every single time you see our posts, it’s always something to look forward to since the pictures you’ll see are all going to give you pleasure in all ways possible. You like spraying on your honey’s face? or on her pussy? or probably go wild filling her mouth with your seeds, yes?

But this photo gallery is all about the wild girlfriends who prefer to have their sexy asses to get drenched with cum. Some of them wanted the messy jizz on their butt cheeks and the rest are more adventurous, begging to get theirs inside their ass but show off with yet another skill that is to ‘squirt’ it back out and let it slide and drip down their thighs. All these hotties aim to please and they will think of various ways on how they’d enjoy their man’s juice. Oftentimes we’ll see pics of horny babes getting facialed and playing with cum by spreading it all over their bodies and licking it off from their fingers.

Then there are those who like to get a taste and crave some creamy jizz in their mouth and if they are more into it, they would end up swallowing everything and would beg for more. Then again, in this site, we wanted to give our viewers options on how they’d wanted to see these bitches enjoy cum. You’re in luck if you like sexy asses and sexy asses wet with jizz, because all these hot photos will surely give you the pleasure you seek. More cum-hungry bitches for you soon. Keep checking back.

Wild And Kinky Amateur Slut Gets Her Holes Screwed And Creamed Good

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Sexy hot chicks with hot jizz? We got it all here at JizzOnMyGF.Com!, served fine and fresh just to satisfy your needy cock’s cravings! Just like the chick we featured on our latest pic update, well, she maybe a bit shy by not letting us see how pretty she is or what kind of allure she has, but she’s definitely unashamed of letting us witness how dirty she can get with a huge and rock hard dong pleasing her needy holes!

Check her out in these steamy photos and see for yourself how bitchy this kinky amateur gf gets with her lover as they turns the heat on with their wild fuck action. See the close-up shots of her round and huge butt with a one-of-a-kind dildo stuffed on it while her pussy gets a finger fuck and a huge stiffy dick pumping in and out of it over and over. She really gives us the perfect view of her quivering holes in all sort of angles! Wow…for a creamy finale she really spit out a huge amount of salty cum before her man fills her cunt with his thick spiooge. I bet you’ll be having troubles under your pants too when you see her wet photo collections.

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Chick gets cummed on on her tight ass

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Jizz on My GF welcomes you back to this steamy edition. If you’re the type of dude who likes fucking a bitch from behind and pouring jizz all over her ass then this video is the perfect company if you feel like doing something about that throbbing boner in your hand. This amateur chick is most likely as horny as you now but she’s the star of this video so all you got to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy watching as she gets banged doggie style by this wild stud.   At first it was just a quicky thing but then they got a bit carried away and instead of humping like dirty dogs in an alley for a mere 3 minutes, they recorded themselves fucking away for at least thrice as much time and they did this in the cozy flat of this sleazy honey. You like what you’re seeing in these screenies, huh? Well, you’ll be seeing more of this kind of videos when you keep on visiting for that cum-on-my-slut fix. But before you wander around our site, you’ve got to check this naughty chick first and enjoy as she’s getting all stuffed with a stiff dick in her love holes. I could only guess how deep this horny bastard’s cock is going at the rate of his thrusts. But what I do know for a fact is that this amateur babe‘s enjoying getting banged from behind since it is her favorite and I just hope she could send us more of her videos soon. Click here to watch the full clip.

Creamed amateur bitches

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Jizz on My GF presents to you this burning hot photo selection of amateur GFs who wanted to get jizzed on in different ways. I assure you though that with every picture that you look at from this sizzling album will make you go horny. These wild babes got nothing in mind but to please both their partners and themselves and you can see the proof in their pictures right here. is always jampacked with various slutty honeys in the mood for one great cum explosion.

As you can see in these photos, one sleazy chick likes cum on her tight ass while the other one prefers jizz on her twat and then there’s also our all-time favorite, the swallower. Though that chick didn’t show us how she swallowed all the male goo, she likes to play with it inside her mouth first to tease, which she does very successfully. Admit it, every single chick in this collection is making you so hard right now and there’s no stopping you from jerking off. Well, well, you don’t have to hold back that urge to choke that cock because you’re free to check them all out in this album. Do check back for more cum-drenched hot and wild bitches soon.

Girlfriends jizzed in different ways

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Visiting means that you are in dire need of a dose of cummed on honeys and today’s picture gallery will give you just that. Here is a pile of various girlfriends who got cum-drenched in ways they love. Let’s see, well, we got swallowers, we have some bitches who like cum on their tits, some wanted to get real wet on their ass, while the rest would want their load on any part of their body and even on their pretty faces. So now that you consider yourself a fan of Jizz on My GF, coming back for more, enjoying our photo galleries, I bet you will like all these kinky sluts glistening with hot and sticky cum all over themselves. They want you to jack off and pour your jizz all over the place, just like you would when you’re fucking your girlfriend. Oh, but when you got a chick or two to get all kinky and crazy with, I think you will not waste your male goo on your furnitures. Instead, you’d let your bitches swallow some and pour the rest on their boobies and pussy or in their tight assholes. Now to fully enjoy these naughty chicks, view all the pictures here and do cum back for more.

Jizz on her butt crack

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

This babe owns a firm and round butt that we all love to fuck. Jizz on My GF immediately saw the potential in this sizzling video while we were viewing it and started to feel our cocks get hard like frozen jelly doughnuts that are really hard outside but will explode its juice the moment it gets squeezed and choked. Well, all of us who got boners do explode at the slightest touch especially when it’s held by a horny beautiful naked girl. But this video is different coz the chick’s getting banged from behind and the goal is to pour the wet and sticky cum all over her ass. If the cum gets inside her asshole, then, it’s a plus point. But since this is all for a simple practice (a practice and preparation for this bitch’s upcoming debut, participating in an orgy), a single dick to fill her in isn’t enough but she’s got to make do for now. Besides, she says this is the first time she’s been drilled so deep she felt like a fucking virgin again. Oh, damn, that must feel so fuckin’ good. I remember this one chick who’d always end up begging for me to fuck her on her kitchen counter. She’d try to pin my cock between her legs just so I could tough it out for a couple of seconds, trying to imagine that she is a friggin’ virgin. It often works but not long term. But it works just enough for the period of time ‘til I’d feel so horny and would want to just lie down and fuck any girl who wants my jizz all over her body and face. is just a click away – here — it’s waiting for cum-hungry, jizz-craving people like you.

Serious hardcore fucking and cumming with this newlywed couple

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Nothing beats a good and sleazy honeymoon vacation between two young newlyweds as they get to spend their quality time together inside their hotel room and on today’s episode of Jizz On My GF, we are giving you this young newlywed couple who decides to let it all hang loose while they’re at it and on their very first night as a couple, it’ time to get down to business and so they started to undress and went on to get jiggy with it! Our lucky groom got to savor her wifey’s gorgeous nude body while fondling and sucking on her succulent hooties and giving that hungry cunt some rubbing and fingering until she got so turned on that it was time to return the favor and she reaches down for his crotch and gave his eager dick some good, hard stroking before she shoved it inside her mouth and gave it some serious licking until it was hard enough to get into some hardcore fucking action!

This sleazy newlywed couple were fucking each other for some time until our groom whipped out his cock from her dripping pussy and dunked his creamy, fresh spunk on her pretty face and our bride was fully satisfied. Check out the complete and exclusive honeymoon picture set by clicking here and visit today for more cum-squirting amateur action you won’t find anywhere else.

Pretty brunette teen plays with dildo and gets cummed on her face

Monday, December 8th, 2008

On today’s hot episode of Jizz On My GF, we have another pretty cum-hungry sex tart who gets to show off her sleazy side by stripping herself down naked and getting that aching pussy some action with the use of her trusty old vibrator. This brunette stunner just loves to pose in front of the camera wearing some of her sleazy lingerie until she takes them off one by one to reveal her gorgeous pair of titties and that scrumptious cunt while striking a slutty pose after the other. As soon as she gets turned on, it’s time for our little nymphet to spread those legs and shove that dildo right inside her pussy!

But for someone as horny and kinky as this brunette slut, having to stuff her cunt with dildo isn’t enough to keep her pacified, and so she had to take her BF in and had his cock sliding in and out of her hungry mouth for one hot blowjob until he couldn’t hold out any longer and he dunked his creamy spunk all over her face and she was in sex heaven! And if you want to see this feline get doused in cum, better check out her explicit and exclusive picture set only at right this very moment. Click here and party on horndogs!

Kinky couple fucking in the kitchen

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Are you ready for more cum-dripping sexcapades from our horny dudes and dudettes out there? Then brace yourselves as Jizz On My GF gives you this kinky couple who seems to have a knack for something different when it comes to a little game of hanky-panky and they decided to hit it off in the kitchen as our little brunette sex tart gets in her sexy black lingerie while our naked, sleazy stud positions her on top of the kitchen table and began slamming our slut’s wet pussy and she was rocking to and fro while she moaned and groaned with delight! His dick was sliding in and out of her until he whips out his little buddy and began spewing his thick, creamy load of cum on her tummy and she loved it to bits!

This is one smoking video you gotta watch and see how these horny bunnies can be so creative and ingenious in satisfying their craving for instant sex and all you have to do is sit back and watch them go at it only at today. So click here and start downloading their video clips and have a wonderful time wanking yourself to your heart’s delight.

Pretty teen slut Willa sucking cock and fucking on the boat

Monday, November 24th, 2008

On today’s episode of Jizz On My GF, we give you this hot and raunchy teen tramp named Willa and she’s wreaking havoc on board a boat naked and getting every available dude to fuck with her. She may look innocent but her appetite for hardcore sex is mind-blowing and now this pretty teen slut is running around the place showcasing her young pair of titties and that smooth cunt until she starts to get all the guys naked and have their hard and throbbing schlongs working inside her wet fuck holes and hungry mouth. You’ll definitely get a real hard on once you get to see all of Willa’s hardcore sex pictures ranging from lounging around the boat naked to steamy shots of her giving hot blowjobs and getting fucked in all of her holes.

When you’ve got one hot and pretty teen slut like Willa, expect one helluva sex adventure that is packed with hardcore goodness from start to finish, and we are just delighted to give you Willa’s exciting photo set chronicling her on board sexcapades and I’m pretty much sure that you would want to start jerking over her pictures but hold your horses and all you have to do is visit to get all of her exclusive sleaze that you won’t find anywhere else… And Willa is just waiting for you to dunk your jizz all over her!