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Babe sucks cock and gets a load of jizz

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

As soon as this horny amateur chick finished watching a video on with her boyfriend, they got into the mood in making one for the both of them. Besides, she has been teasing her BF’s stiff cock while seated on his crotch the entire time, grinding her ass every now and then, she has to do something more naughty fast before he explodes inside those pants and waste his precious spunk!

Bad timing tho, this sleazy teen’s lil sister just got home and was about to go up to their room so they ran to the bathroom, positioned themselves, and made sure they are recording the whole scene while trying to be as quiet as possible. Tough, right? But they kinda mastered being discreet in their homemade videos since they’ve been doing this for a few weeks before sharing this one to Jizz On My GF. And having an unexpected audience didn’t make them uncomfortable at all because this actually added more challenge and excitement on how they’d successfully record the full amateur video without letting out a few giggles. So this naughty babe gets down on her knees, ¬†pushes the throbbing boner in her mouth and sucked away.

She was licking and sucking hard that her already fired up dude couldn’t hold it in for much longer and started shooting his sticky cum in her throat. This is the best way to do it if you don’t like leaving evidence behind. Kinky bitch swallowed every drop and continued sucking dry her BF’s dick ’til he can no longer keep it hard. They’re both worn out but this didn’t stop them from doing a second round after watching more leaked sex tapes on the net.

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Thursday, February 12th, 2015

While some find it hot when getting sprayed with jizz on their face or their funbags, Jizz On My GF also likes these amateur babes getting creamed on their pussy. We’ve collected these pictures of drippin’ wet cunts that are so begging to get licked clean.

Some find great pleasure when their boyfriend explodes inside them because, believe it or not, some of these hardcore sluts perfected the way of squeezin’ out those man juice the moment they feel the warmth gush inside them. Most prefer to not use any protection for the obvious reason that they can’t feel inside their chick’s pussy as freely as they wanted too, so it’s a must if you are constantly banging around and needed your bitch to know the trick. Because with a condom on the way, It’s like taking out the cherry on top of their vanilla ice cream. It’s more fun knowing that the bitch they’re fucking won’t cause them any ‘troubles’ and just give them pure pleasure.

Photos and videos sent to has all sorts of these wild babes either asking to be jizzed on their faces and lick their boyfriend’s cock dry afterwards or just take it all in their pussy and watch the cum ooze out on the sheets. And of course there are naughty honeys who opt for wet and sticky breasts, spreading the cum all over their tits while sucking on their fingers. Enjoy the entire picture gallery of our creampied girlfriends here and don’t miss out on the cum-loving amateur skanks who will be showing how they enjoy more messy cumshots and probably how much they love the taste of it in our next posts.