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Kinky slut gets facialed

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

You’re back for another swim in the pit of sticky messy cum, eh? Well, today’s Jizz on My GF feature is about this steamy amateur chick who gives pleasure not just to her sleazy self but more so give the pleasure to anyone who would see all her naughty photos. She has compiled these pictures for all the fans of who like looking at skanky amateur bitches who get facialed or cum-drenched all over their bodies. She’s one wild GF who would go all the way for her fuck buddies and just have one hell of a fucking time. It’s not too hard to see how far this chick go for anyone who’d fuck her, just take a good look at her photos and you’ll understand what we’re saying. But if you’re like too horny right now and can’t think straight, well, you really don’t have to think of anything but this wild cum-loving chick getting naked, showing her perky tits, shaven cunt, and enjoying a hot explosion of jizz on her pretty face. This hardcore hottie likes getting playful during foreplay and she knows exactly what she wants. She would be in lingeries, fishnet stockings, and likes to experiment with other stuff, which includes sucking on other things aside from huge and stiff throbbing cocks. Check out all her photos here and enjoying looking at her face dripping with jizz.

Wild GF swallows sticky jizz

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

The dude in this Jizz on My GF video got so fucking lucky when he finally get his amateur naughty babe to swallow his jizz. They didn’t actually plan on going to that part yet when they made this video but I guess they got carried away and it’s a good thing. See, they were trying out this sleazy technique of making sex tapes, giving a blowjob, fucking each other, and try to make it last even for a mere five minutes tops without anyone of them getting too horny to give in and show all they got in one go. But, yes, since we have this wild busty cocksucking honey right here who knows where to hit the spot on that throbbing dick, even her boyfriend got surprised when he was about to explode and he did just that. Well, of course they were expecting to cum but not as fast as this one on the video. They were just too hot and giddy and wanted to release all those tensions from the day’s busy time at the school grounds. Sweating it out on the fields just made them even more horny, thinking of fucking each other up in the open made them settle for this video for the meantime. Yeah, saving the best for last, eh? They’d surely revisit for those upcoming skanky videos but for now let’s enjoy the full video of this amateur girlfriend who likes the taste of a man’s well-planted seeds.