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Slutty amateur chicks get jizzed on

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

We got some naughty amateur babes today who will show you just how fun it is to see cum dripping all over their body and nice and pretty faces. While some girlfriends in these pictures wanted more than just getting cum-drenched, you’ll see some of them like cum inside their mouths and, well, swallow them. Sounds good, huh? It actually gets better because here in, all these sizzling hotness is always available to give you the pleasure that you want. Don’t these photos make those nerve endings pulsate while you stroke that boner? Well, here at the Jizz on My GF studio, we already have boxes of tissue piled up in a corner, ready to be used for our jacking off spree. You see, we all like seeing pictures of wild bitches getting all those gunk on their faces, or on their nice breasts, their cunts, or on their ass, and most especially we love bitches who are in it to swallow everything. Yeah, you think it’s easy to find babes who’ll drink your juice up, eh? If you can’t get one now, just head on back here to view all their photos and you will never be disappointed.

Wild honey gets cummed on during hot sex with boyfriend

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

This is a steamy Jizz on My GF episode, with our amateur kinky babe getting all sleazy with her boyfriend on her bed. They have been experiment through videos upon videos, trying to come up with a nice and pleasurable outcome and I think they nailed it. Just look at this screen shot and you’ll have a clear idea as to how horny this two are in this video. This featured babe rides her vibrator while her fuck buddy got so horny, he started stroking his woody and ended up masturbating on his girlfriend’s tits. Well, yeah, you know what happens next, don’t you? Like it says in the title of this post, they both played with themselves at the same time and we can only imagine how fuckin’ fun that must be especially if your bitch is as sexy as this one. I would like to fuck those perky breasts and not just explode my jizz on them. It would be more fun, well at least to me, if I could be the one this raunchy babe‘s humping and not her dildo. Anyway, watch the full video here now and do keep on checking back here at for more kinky updates that will drive you wilder.