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Chicks get drenched in cum

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Welcome back to Jizz on My GF, to another burning hot episode of a photo collection of amateur babes who enjoy getting drenched in jizz. They want all the sticky mess on their faces, inside their mouths, on their cunt, and some enjoy the warmth of cum inside their ass. Oh, and don’t forget bitches who beg for their fuck buddies to explode their jizz on their nice tits. Hmmm… this is one of my favorites. I like seeing my jizz ooze from my cock and watch it spurt on my babe’s skin or I can watch other dudes get their girlfriends wet with their cum and I’d still feel so fucking horny since I will be jacking off endlessly ’til I get so wornout, I’d be sleeping with the fishes with my cum all over my hairy thighs. Visiting means seeing a lot of these amateur babes who wanted jizz like it’s an aphrodisiac of a sort that will drive them wild and would want to show more of what they can do, sporting jizz all over their bodies. I don’t mind seeing nasty chicks covered with cum from various dudes, I actually like to try that real soon. Ha! View the entire picture set right here now!

Hardcore chick gets jizzed on a tub

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 features this steamy video of a babe enjoying a burning hot banging session with her horny next-door neighbor. She got naked the moment this lucky bastard got inside her house and they just started heating up, kissing, grabbing each other, licking and sucking breasts, until they ended up inside their bathroom. But one thing we all must know by now, fucking inside the bathroom can cause some problems when you become too wild and horny to not think of precautions. I mean, it can get all wet and slippery in there and we don’t want to be slipping and missing out on the action. So anyway, this Jizz on My GF video is submitted by our sleazy chick right here who got fucked doggie style while on a bath tub. They were having so much fun with their dirty deed that they both came into the point of giving each other their sticky bodily fluids. This raunchy girlfriend‘s horny friend right here exploded jizz on her back and she loved the warm feeling of cum on her skin, she can’t help but squirm with delight. Watch the full video right here and hope that next time we’d see jizz runnin’ down from this naughty babe‘s face.

Creamed amateur bitches

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Jizz on My GF presents to you this burning hot photo selection of amateur GFs who wanted to get jizzed on in different ways. I assure you though that with every picture that you look at from this sizzling album will make you go horny. These wild babes got nothing in mind but to please both their partners and themselves and you can see the proof in their pictures right here. is always jampacked with various slutty honeys in the mood for one great cum explosion.

As you can see in these photos, one sleazy chick likes cum on her tight ass while the other one prefers jizz on her twat and then there’s also our all-time favorite, the swallower. Though that chick didn’t show us how she swallowed all the male goo, she likes to play with it inside her mouth first to tease, which she does very successfully. Admit it, every single chick in this collection is making you so hard right now and there’s no stopping you from jerking off. Well, well, you don’t have to hold back that urge to choke that cock because you’re free to check them all out in this album. Do check back for more cum-drenched hot and wild bitches soon.