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Messy cum facial inside a public toilet

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Jizz on My GF is burning hot with today’s sizzling video of a cocksucking bitch who willingly gave a burning BJ to this pervy friend of hers. You may say that this is just an everyday thing but the surprise comes when we reveal where this dirty event took place. As posted in the title, yes, this was inside a public restroom and people where actually waiting in line outside, oblivious to the horny couple getting kinky in the john. Maybe those poor souls thought that there’s just someone who had too much beans. But what they don’t know is that there’s a dude inside, with a babe on her knees, exploding his seeds on this wild thing’s face. No, no beans, just the seeds. They spent just a few minutes here, while the rest of the world waited for like an eternity, itching to just relieve themselves for only a few seconds. This video gave me a new task to do and really look forward to, since I got a new bitch who I can screw anytime I want and she’s game for anything I want to do. She will be visiting soon coz I’ll show this to her and I bet that she would eventually beg me to do this with her too. Frankly, I never thought that I would be thinking of going extremes and doing wild public stunts, but my bitch likes to experiment and that’s the only thing that I need to assure myself that I won’t be just fantasizing about the cocksuckers in this site but I can actually do the same things with a different chick. So, it’s your turn to enjoy and just click on this link so you can watch the full video. Watch as the horny babe sucks the boner and gets loads of jizz on her pretty face.

Hot and messy cumshot on slutty amateur chicks

Monday, October 11th, 2010

You will dig this next Jizz on my GF episode because we’re not just featuring one babe, but we got an entire group of cum-hungry sluts who are most likely to make a Sahara desert out of your throbbing dick. These naughty girlfriends love to get smothered up with tons of jizz and they don’t give a fucking damn on which part of their body you want to pour your seeds on. Just like what you’ll find in these photos, some babes like a refreshing cum facial, some prefers jizz inside their mouth or on their cunt, while the rest like a load of cum on their ass. My personal favorite are the cum-swallowers of course. Most of the guys I know and whom I just asked said that they’d give anything for some bitch to down their load. No, do not ask me why it is so fucking special because frankly, the effect it has on me I really can’t put into words. Oh, yeah, sounds so fucking gay, huh? Anyway, you went here for the wild and horny chicks, this is what you’re getting and I will have to quit bullshitting now and just let you enjoy. We gathered all these hot pictures from piles and piles of others, making sure that we come up with only the ones deserving of your taste and attention. I’m damn sure that with just the three chicks posted here, you’re already starting to feel your blood flowing a bit faster, making your dick hard and you’ll feel the urge to explode anytime now. Don’t fight it, coz when you see the full photo gallery, you may want to purchase a straightjacket just so you could stop yourself from jacking off too much. Like I said, these sleazy babes will make you masturbate for hours, you’d have to take a day’s off and rest your wornout muscle. Visit for more updates.