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Monday, August 30th, 2010

This is one hardcore episode you shouldn’t miss. Jizz on My GF presents this steamy video of a kinky heavy-chested bitch who asked her neighbor to film this hot fucking session with her boyfriend. As you can see in this screenshot, it’s quite obvious what this chick digs and she digs lots. She’s not just a fucking cocksucking bitch, but she’s a wild multi-tasking horny sex machine too. She’s busty and naked and she knows exactly how to please herself and her partner. Fuck, look at her go with her dildo, drilling her twat like that while she sucks on this stiff woody, which eventually explodes cum on her nice bouncy breasts.

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Monday, August 16th, 2010

I came across this video from a self-confessed “exhibitionist” who jacks off almost anywhere, on anything, and anyone. And as if it isn’t wild enough, this horny bastard even hired other pervs like himself to appear (or have their dick appear) in this video just to invite more viewers whether they are babes straight males or even gay people. Then what these sicko dudes will do, they’d beat their boner and cum wherever, whenever. Though this edition isn’t about that, the photos posted here will give you an idea just how wide our options are as to where we could explode and spread the jizz that will spurt right out from our stiff dicks. Now I can’t help but wonder if our featured GFs today here on have encountered someone who does this kind of “hobby”. I think if these chicks don’t mind getting jizz on their faces, tits, butt cracks, and cunts, there’s a big possibility that they’d want to meet someone who can get as horny as them and jack off wherever they may be. Jizz on My GF gathered all these hot pictures of chicks getting cum-drenched and I bet you’d love to try all these hot spots and make them swallow your cum too. I have been drooling over these photos and I will be changing my shorts again after writing these all down. Check the entire picture collection here now and cum back for more.

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Monday, August 2nd, 2010

You’re back for another steamy episode here on Jizz on My GF. I know there’ll be a lot of you who’d drool over this babe who got her nice pussy cummed on. In this video, the horny girlfriend got into a hot and wild fucking session with her neighbor and since this dude have been fantasizing about this slut for quite sometime now, he just can’t deny the fact that the amount of jizz he poured onto her is the result of all those restless nights that he’s been jacking off to her photo. Though both of them were oblivious of each others existence when they were still kids, I think the years they wasted talking to their bedroom walls instead of exploring themselves sexually have been given justice now coz they spend most of their spare time fucking each other. placed a 5-star rating on this hot video and it’s not just myself being biased and shit coz this video is simply deserving of your attention, energy, and truckloads of cum. I’d like to try and taste this wild chick‘s tight pussy and feed her my hot jizz too. I’ve watched this video for like the fourth time now and it feels like watching it for the first time with each hit of the play button. I just can’t get enough of this hot cum explosion and I’d always imagine myself giving this bitch my own bucket of sticky jizz. Yeah, I bet she’d love that. Check out the full video here now.