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Naughty bitches get jizzed on

Monday, July 19th, 2010

There’s something about watching your jizz drip on a babe’s face or breasts or on her pussy and sometimes on her butt. I don’t think it’s just about me being born a sexually-preoccupied stud who simply likes pouring my seeds on any bitch who may happen to be so fucking successful making me horny because I only realized how much I like going really messy when I was given I mean, damn, who wouldn’t enjoy looking at photos like these, right? These naked girlfriends having the time of their fucking lives getting all jizzed up, messy and sticky will give you a woody that’s worth at least two to three meat beatings in one seating. No, am not trying to be some lame poet here, but if you unconsciously sang the sentence I wrote before this one, then you can cop out and choke that pathetic chicken someplace where there’s rap crap going on. Ok, there I go again. Anyway, before this post could turn out to be some kind of an ugly piece of shitty Hip Hop trash, check out the pictures of these bitches with hot cum all over them. Some chicks like it drizzling on their face while some prefer to have our juice on the boobies and butt cheeks. And in this Jizz on my GF post, you will also see babes who find it more pleasurable getting jizzed on their bare back and nape. Click here and enjoy the rest of the photo compilation of these jizz-loving kinky sluts.

Wild blowjob and messy cum facial

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Have you ever met a chick who’s always up for a steamy sexy time whether you’ll be banging her on a bed, inside a car, in a jacuzzi, or on a buffet table somewhere? Well, me and the rest of the horny guys here in Jizz on My GF agree that these kind of bitchy girlfriends are not hard to come by since most of them answered yes to my question. And, yeah, I don’t have a tough time finding these bitches too. I asked that question because this featured cum-swallowing wild chick got a load of cum on her pretty face while she sucks a woody, lying on top of an emptied office desk. This video is undoubtedly fucking hot and it shows on this babe’s face.

Obviously she enjoyed the entire ride and made sure to make an exploding finale, which you’ll get to watch here. This chick is one of the wildest and hottest finds because she gave me more than pleasure while watching her suck that cock. Her face getting cum-drenched, watching her get a mouthful of jizz and swallowing most of it, got me so horny that I didn’t have to finish the video just so I can absorb the intense kinky feeling. But of course it helps when you visit, watch the videos and enjoy ’til the last minute. I know that you will love this edition and I bet you will be coming back just to watch this cocksucking horny bitch all over again. Discover a lot more amateur chicks who love to give blowjobs and end up getting jizzed here.