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Creamed amateur girlfriends

Monday, June 21st, 2010

We feature two cocksucking babes today here on Jizz on My GF and they’re both steamy hot. They are BFFs who share the same passion in giving BJs and even giving it to the same lucky dude, at the same time. They even find pleasure in spreading jizz on both their faces and sexy body when they share the same partner. They aren’t called best of fucking friends for nothing and these make them even hotter and sexier. Look at their pictures and see just how much they enjoy giving head and getting cummed on. If you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, well, I’m going to answer yes to that. Yes, they’re so into each other that they even share boyfriends. Whoa. They said that because of this bizarre yet wild connection between them, they can’t even see any wrong with the idea of them sharing husbands in the near future since they can always arrange “play-dates” for the four of them. Damnit… now I can’t stand hearing mothers saying their kids will be having play-dates, without me getting a boner. Great. This industry’s seriously trimming my resources and vocabulary down and… I quite enjoy it. Ha! You’re fucking crazy if you thought for a second that I’m hating this job. What? Putting my wild thoughts online every single day, doing nothing but that, it never gets boring — every fucking perverted man would gladly take such post. makes sure to give you what you came here for and these are the horny chicks who drown themselves in jizz and be fucking happy about it. Check out all their photos here. Look at how good they are at sucking cocks and how they enjoy getting jizzed on.

Kinky cocksucker gets jizzed inside the car

Monday, June 7th, 2010

It’s been said that it is bad luck to do anything kinky inside the car. By this I mean, as you may already know, these things involve necking, cocksucking, petting, banging, and the more intense spilling of cum all over the car’s upholstery. I think I encountered this weird belief from folks who live in Asia. I bet you’re not all familiar with this but you all know about not drinking and driving, yeah? Jizz on My GF is not here to bore you with facts and lies though. But all that I just said have some connection with the video that I want to show you. First, this bitch doesn’t give a fucking damn where she does her dirty deeds and so she sucks dick inside her fuck buddy‘s car, on the driver’s seat. Secondly, she said she doesn’t believe that having some great fun inside the car could hurt anyone, much more erase the human race with an explosion of cum on the driver’s seat. Yeah, come to think of it, those sound kind of lame. Anyway, because you clicked on and expected to watch a sizzling video of a chick sucking on a hard cock, then that’s what you’ll get. And you don’t need to worry coz the horny bitch we have for you today will not preach about how to behave like a 40-year old virgin, with your feet firmly planted on the floor and a rusty chastity belt on your crotch. Instead, it is the exact opposite and I bet you will enjoy this to the extremes, breaking the rules, and all that. So, now you just have to sit back, watch this hot video, and relax (if you call jacking off relaxing, so be it).