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Redhead sucks huge dick and gets cummed on

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Aside from stupid blondes, I also dig cocksucking redheads. It doesn’t matter though whether their hair color’s natural or it just came from a tube, as long as these chicks get to play their part being naughty when I take them in the bedroom (or wherever I want to spend the time banging their tight twat). Today here in Jizz on My GF, we are all lucky to have this wild redhead slut who got real horny with one of her fuck buddies and managed to take more than a dozen photos that will make any dude tremble with pleasure. This hot chick plus her perverted partner equals to an amount of jizz explosion that only the tough at guts would survive, ’round the clock. The blowjob shots alone can make you beat that throbbing dick hard, what more if you get to view the entire picture collection here? This bitch likes sucking cocks especially if these are big and fat, just like the one she’s got inside her mouth in one of her photos. And, of course, it’s not just sucking that gets her so fucking excited. She transforms into some kind of an untamed sex kitten when she sees that bulging crotch. It has become like an exciting hobby of hers, to grab a man’s crotch the instant she gets horny. She gets down, takes your cock out from its safe little pocket, and starts licking and biting it ’til she sucks it all in and make you so horny you’d pour sticky jizz on her pretty face. has been a witness to countless jizz explosions and you’ll be seeing a lot more of hot and messy cumshots, just keep on checking back right here.

Jizz on her butt crack

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

This babe owns a firm and round butt that we all love to fuck. Jizz on My GF immediately saw the potential in this sizzling video while we were viewing it and started to feel our cocks get hard like frozen jelly doughnuts that are really hard outside but will explode its juice the moment it gets squeezed and choked. Well, all of us who got boners do explode at the slightest touch especially when it’s held by a horny beautiful naked girl. But this video is different coz the chick’s getting banged from behind and the goal is to pour the wet and sticky cum all over her ass. If the cum gets inside her asshole, then, it’s a plus point. But since this is all for a simple practice (a practice and preparation for this bitch’s upcoming debut, participating in an orgy), a single dick to fill her in isn’t enough but she’s got to make do for now. Besides, she says this is the first time she’s been drilled so deep she felt like a fucking virgin again. Oh, damn, that must feel so fuckin’ good. I remember this one chick who’d always end up begging for me to fuck her on her kitchen counter. She’d try to pin my cock between her legs just so I could tough it out for a couple of seconds, trying to imagine that she is a friggin’ virgin. It often works but not long term. But it works just enough for the period of time ‘til I’d feel so horny and would want to just lie down and fuck any girl who wants my jizz all over her body and face. is just a click away – here — it’s waiting for cum-hungry, jizz-craving people like you.