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Monday, April 26th, 2010

I came across these steamy cumshot pictures and tried jacking off for just one time but I ended up spending a day choking my cock for three consecutive times instead. If you must know, babes who enjoy getting cum-drenched is my ultimate sexual fantasy eversince my pornographic world started to turn. Jizz on My GF instantly became one of my not-so-secret hideaways. This is where I spend my precious time trying to figure out how I could convince at least five kinky bitches to join me in my lonely pad and let me spread my cum all over them after they suck me dry. Not that they can do that in just a few rounds coz, knowing myself and how well my shaft performs, we don’t run out of resources that easy. Check these slutty chicks out. They have different favorite “cumspots” and each one will drive you mad. Though most of them admit to liking jizz on their faces, some said that having cum poured on their ass or cunt gives them that extra sensual feeling, like they’ll lose their minds. Well, if you visit often, I think you too will lose your mind over something that will satisfy your wet and sticky cravings – which is not bad at all, if you ask me. Drool and jerk off to these hot pictures. I’m fucking sure that you will find these hard to resist. Every babe you see here will definitely make you hot and horny in their own little naughty way. Check back often to enjoy more of our cum-hungry chicks.

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Monday, April 12th, 2010

You’ve craved for another steamy Jizz on My GF episode and I’m ever so glad to oblige. Giving you this hot video today of a naughty babe who finds it easier to cum when a dude dumps his jizz all over her cunt. She goes really wild and noisy while she explodes and she says it’s like going through an out-of-body experience, like she’s being possessed by a succubus or any other perverted spirit. Well, if that’d be the case, she wouldn’t mind at all coz she knows she’ll be enjoying every fucking moment of it. She likes getting cum-drenched all over and there’s really no particular part on her body that she prefers getting jizzed on as long as her partner’s as horny as her and that they’d cum together.

This video is one of the favorites among those who visit often coz most of these fans say that they like the look of the sticky cum in slow motion and not all the videos here do such effect on their show. Though some commented that the music is kinda annoying, hearing the dude moan makes up for that little flaw and they’re all satisfied. I’m not a fan of those supposedly hot and wild videos with crappy background music on them. But if the bitch won’t scream and moan while I listen to the other “noise”, I just take the liberty of shutting off the volume and concentrate on giving my cock a massage ’til I make a huge puddle of mess with my jizz. Watch as this slutty babe get her twat wet with a spoonful of sticky cum right here.