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Jizzed on amateur sluts

Monday, March 29th, 2010

So far, I haven’t encountered any dude who don’t find it utterly orgasmic to pour their cum on any kinky chick who they happen to spend the night fucking with. And I’m one of them lot who enjoys drowning my preys in my sticky goo. Jizz on My GF is the only place to go when you’re itching to spy on some wild girls who absolutely go gaga when they get jizzed on. it doesn’t matter much on which part of their body or face you explode, as long as they hear you moan in delight. They know how it feels when you cum and it’s equally satisfying for them to know that they can make you pour loads of splooge on them.

We got a batch of steamy pictures of girlfriends here who are all in for a hot and messy porn cream fight. There are some who like cum facials, while some enjoy squirts of warm jizz down their throat, and the rest don’ t even have any special preference that you can just dump your load on any part of their body. The latter’s quite the type I always look for. Still, all these chicks and their hot pictures will do whether they swallow my cum or not. I get the tingling feeling of jerking off by just looking at their faces or tits or asses that got covered with jizz. I can only imagine the effect if all of them would give us a video of themselves getting cum-drenched. I bet that I’d have a tough time taming this woody down once I reach a couple of bangs. Click on to view more of these wild and horny chicks.

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Monday, March 15th, 2010

I see you’re back and I’m giving a wild guess that you’re looking for a sticky entertainment. See these screens? You may have the idea that this is going to be one hell of a rough ride, and of course, you are right about that. Since when did Jizz on My GF bore you to death, right? We always have the perfect steamy videos, which show different types of kinky chicks who wanted nothing but the roughest and hardest fucking experience that would end up getting their faces and bodies all cum-drenched. In this feature, we got this horny bombshell who got totally wild with her fuck buddy in a cozy motel.

They spent the night cuddling and petting and kissing ’til they both got too horny and ended up fucking each other like wild animals in heat. They say you’d know how horny a guy is based from the amount of cum he’ll explode on his bitch. But some say, it isn’t always the case since there are a lot of guys who are always horny but don’t really produce much jizz since they jack off too often. I can’t seem to lay a finger on either belief or whatever you want to call it. I guess both sides have some point that could pass for a fact. Take this chick’s buddy as an example. We can’t really tell from which side he’s on because he could be both, depending on his mood. won’t play god and make you choose. All we can do is lure you here and make you watch this hot video. This hot and wild babe will definitely make you cum more than you expected.

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Monday, March 1st, 2010

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The pictures we have here show the different places on a kinky chick’s body where you can freely explode and make your own gooey masterpiece. We got typical babes who like it on their twats, some prefer getting cummed on their assholes, some find it a lot more orgasmic when you pop your juice on their backs (or other parts of their bodies, aside from their pussies and faces), and some will just take it anywhere you please. I sensed a sigh of relief there — I share the same sentiments. Look at how hot these girls are, posing with their cum-drenched selves. Don’t they give you that fine boner that could stand hard and strong for hours? I ought to know coz that’s their effect on me. I just disappoint myself at times when I’m really horny and can’t control the urge any longer. But this is the purpose of our existence, if you fail one time, you can always go back and try again. Test your endurance here and enjoy chicks who’d take all your excess baggage without extra cost.