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Teen gets facial cum after giving head

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Welcome back to Jizz on My GF. I’m happy to announce that you will love this new video that I posted. Yes, I am that confident because I’ve made my own personal poll and the YES! votes came soaring high. This kinky babe knows how to warm up and start the steam engine rolling. See, she doesn’t just dive in your crotch and suck you dry, she knows what to do with her nice pair of tits, which she playfully squeezed and used to tease me and my dick. Well, no, that wasn’t me on the video, but watching her do her dirty deed on this lucky dude made me imagine that I am the one who’s getting the sizzling treatment. You have to admit, we all wanted someone who knows more than just grab our woody and beat it dry. And this horny teen is just about the perfect partner for all you horny perverted creatures. is, of course, the perfect place to watch videos where you get to see hotties and cuties get cum-drenched and enjoy their messy little shower. It’s double the fun when they play with themselves first, being the kinky tease that they are, before making us moan in pleasure and doing our boners one hell of a favor. Now you get the frontrow seat to this hot chick‘s blowjob vid. Come back for more by clicking here and you will find yourself jerking off a lot more often than usual.

They enjoy getting wet with jizz

Monday, February 1st, 2010

I’ve tried various ways on how I can make a messy art out of my cum while I jack off. I’m proud to say that I came up with tons of different patterns fit for a new era of Rorschach Tests. Most of these patterns I associate with what I already see here in Well, it’s actually a little kinky project of mine, to enjoy more the quality time I spend with my dick as I unravel the mystery as to why these bitches grow more wild when we spread our sticky man goo all over their faces and body. Wonder what makes them moan louder and raise their backs while lying on the bed? I really don’t know the answers to these and, this may sound stupid, but my experiment about the patterns don’t do justice either. I look at these pictures and just wonder whether each pattern give a different effect. Hmm… and it makes me wonder too as to what the effect my cum gives these chicks if I squirt on their tits or ass or face. I guess it’ll all depend on the amount of jizz you can produce too, eh? There more the better.

I got lots of these pictures here in Jizz on My GF, which will show you various cum-drenched chicks in forms that’ll make you squirm in pleasure. I know you’ll love all these because all the dudes I asked about my collection didn’t get their eyes off the babes for days! Ok enough about trying to just lure you in this naughty trap. Visit here to catch the girls who like getting their face and body wet with cum.