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Hot blowjob and cum facial

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

This isn’t the first time this steamy babe filmed herself with an equally naughty dude while doing her dirty deed but this is the first she decided to submit her hot video here in Jizz on My GF. As to why it’s just now that she shared her interesting hobby, we don’t know, but she just said that the first video she made with a fucked up guy was, well, pretty much fucked up and this second one’s way better and deserves that spotlight. And this horny bitch is so lucky that I get to pick her and chose her over the ones who has given me their videos first. I really don’t know this chick and she’s got no connection with me whatsoever but the moment I saw her and her huge tits while she sucks on her boyfriend’s cock on this flamin’ red hot sofa, the wild reserve cowgirl, and cock-sucking, I actually thought I left my remote control inside my crotch that I had the urge of grabbing it turning the volume… err… heat up. And I instantly played the entire video and even watched it for the third time now. I kinda forgot the piles of other videos for a minute there and I automatically chose to feature this one here today instead.

So that’s the story so far. Not really as exciting as the action itself, I know, but we got to make you realize that this is one of this chick’s favorite pastimes and we must prepare for other hot and wild things that she’ll show us in the near future. I know you’ll be watching out for those too but first you got to visit us often to enjoy the other kinky babes who are sure to keep your furnace burning.

Kinky jizzed babes

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

So you’re back for more of Jizz on My GF goodies, huh? Well, you’re just in time for a brand new treat! See, we’ve gathered these kinky babes who do nothing in their spare time, which is quite huge, but suck dicks and eventually get jizzed on. They don’t just tease your boner, but they go all the way to please and make you explode in no time. I got a bunch of hot, wet and sticky photos here to show you and I know that they’ll work wonders to that misbehaving pet. These horny girlfriends will fire you up, make those nerve endings shoot up, and if possible, give you a mild heart attack by mere fantasizing that these are the same babes that are sucking you dry. I won’t blame you if this is exactly how you are feeling now. No one can resist this healthy and quite sinful apparition. These chicks brought me this painful hardon that keeps on popping up in the most unexpected times, at the most unexpected places. And they still get me hard each time I imagine their faces shoved down my crotch, licking and sucking away, while some of them prefer filling their mouths with my cum. I, on the other hand, gets more excited when I get to see girls smothered with cum all over their tits. And this is what I do most of the time when I fuck girls who let me do almost anything I want to them. You’re just as glad as I am that exists coz this is where we will all rely on our daily dose of protein withdrawal and deposits. It’s just a matter of give and take. They send these photos, provide us the catalysts, we jack off to produce the end product and cover them up with it. And if we’re lucky enough, we could encounter some cum-swallowing bitches too. Visit them all here and check out why they make me so horny. I know you’ll worship them as much as I did! Well, I still do. Ha!