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Naked babe sucks cock and gets jizzed on

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Our featured kinky bitch for today here on Jizz on My GF was invited over at her ex boyfriend’s pad to reunite her with something that she missed so bad since they broke up. Of course it’s not the doomed relationship. Sheesh. You see, this ex pair parted ways in a very good note and what’s great about the entire thing’s the fact that they made a deal to still see each other whenever the need for fucking arises. Besides, it’s the sole reason why they became an item in the first place. It’s just not enough for them to be tied to just a single twat and a single cock. At the rate they’re going with their very much alive and active horny nature, I think they made the right decision of just spend time together for the sake of fucking. Well, unless they’re suicidal and would like to live like a seahorse or tarsier. In case you didn’t know, these creatures will just stick to one partner for their entire lifetime. So if their partner’s life screws up early, then they’re doomed to stay alone and lonely because they refuse to get fucked by the rest of the pack.

Now look at these photos and notice how this chick missed her former lover’s big cock. No wonder she can’t get over the fucking thing, it’s undeniably the perfect size all these bitches would love to suck. And of course, this is the type of dick that any horny girl would want their pussies to swallow whole. These photos were taken exactly a week after this two called it quits. This is a nice way of keeping in touch and, for the most brilliant thing they did, shared this to all of us. This babe got jizzed pretty damn good and all you got to do to see how much she will miss if she didn’t hang on to this kinky proposal, visit or click here to check out the rest of the cum-hungry bitches in the block.

Horny secretary gives her boss a wild blowjob

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Each day, we were told, this kinky secretary works extra hard to get that special bonus from her boss. And it’s about time that this horny boss shares the hard labor to all of us who needs a stress-reliever pretty bad after we spend time working our asses off in our own stinkin’ jobs. It’s a good thing that this perverted man actually clicks on all the time, to check on babes who just love to suck and make hard dicks cum. And his addiction to Jizz on My GF pressured him into submitting this steamy video of himself while getting all the mouthwatering loving from his loyal employee and right hand secretary.

Despite assuring this slutty bitch that this video will never be exposed and will just be viewed for both their pleasure, and absolutely no one else, the naughty man let it slip. You will totally enjoy this because it’s not some make-believe, dress up game that happens only in one’s imagination. This is the real thing so don’t doubt the “danger” and humiliation this kinky secretary will face the moment she gets exposed to people who knows her to not be the real slut that she is. Remember, her boss is way off the hook because his face is completely hidden. It is just this poor bitchy soul who’s going to pay for her kinkiness. If I were her, maybe I shouldn’t worry much coz the boss might give me a raise or much better, give me a promotion and get me into a much higher position. Click here to watch the video clips that will surely give you a painful boner. Watch this naughty secretary swallow her boss’ jizz as she sucks on the hard dick and make it cum loads in her mouth.