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Teen slut’s mouth overflows with cum

Monday, August 31st, 2009

It’s every guy’s fantasy, to see a naughty babe get soaked in jizz and it’s even more downright fucking awesome if we could watch you sluts swallow our sticky load. Jizz on my GF has this set of really hot photos and every bit and piece of this nasty chick will literally blow your head off. She’s dressed like a young slut waiting to get banged in an alleyway or somewhere filthy. Take a good look at how she puts together such outfit. Her fine young body and tight skin complements her clothes so much that she could pass for someone who’s been bitching her way into every single man’s pants for ages. I wonder who in this fucked up world would teach their young daughter to be such a desirable slut. Thanks to whoever they may be, now we got an entire collection of slutty photos to wank our stiff cocks to. It’s really not that bad, to be seeing someone this young (and dirty) and release her naughty nature in the wild side. As long as she’s this sexy and she knows how to handle her raging hormones well, I don’t think that there should be any problems at all. And whoever told her that it’s one of the greatest things, to submit these delicious goods here in, should have themselves placed in the hall of fame and get some neat awards.

This chick is not just all play and dress-up. She’s into the wild action as well, as you can clearly see here. She plays with this huge and fleshy dildo, wanting to find out as to how wide her mouth can open and accomodate larger dicks. And, man, does she love getting drowned in tons of jizz! Guess I’d have to bring the whole football team along when I get the chance to meet this kinky young whore and fill her mouth up too!

Teen sucks big dick and gets sloppy cum facial

Monday, August 17th, 2009

This is what happens here on Jizz on my GF when a horny teen invites two equally horny dudes in her dormitory. Some people fuck each other in public places, whether somebody catches them or nobody would care, they don’t really give a shit, so why the hell won’t this trio spend a wild time in a secluded and private place, right? So they got a video camera and did something about their raging hormones. This babe happens to forget that she’s got her final examinations early in the day at a University where she’s supposed to meet up with her cheerleading bitches and, lo and behold, these dudes just happen to pass by this teen’s unit and saw her half naked. Well, yeah, these were all just fucked up freak accidents.

As the dudes made their way through the doorstep of this horny bitch, with their stiff dicks fighting the urge to sneak out of their pants, they got their videocam ready to aim for all the hot action that they came there for. I dunno how they arranged it, but this video will show you that just one of the two dudes got a taste of the warm mouth of this girl by giving him a nice head. The other horny bastard was the one who filmed everything and got a full shot of the scenes where this babe got loads of jizz inside her mouth and on her pretty face. You’ll see how much she enjoyed this orgasmic ordeal. It’s just unfortunate for us to not watch whatever happened next. But these clips are hot in a way that it’s supported by a very stupid story. Not like their folks would believe that these were all unintentional. Err… C’mon, who are you all kiddin’, eh? So, anyway, you three are now so busted in the ass, that people like you will be clicking to watch everything that you did here. If accidents are all this sweet, I’d welcome it anytime!

Scarlett loves tons of jizz on her face

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

It’s raining once again but it ain’t cats nor dogs here in These photos we have for you today are nothing but pure sticky and wet cum all over this kinky babe. I’ve seen a lot of sluts who get jizzed all the time but this set will most probably rank 1st in your list of favorite cumshots. The first time I saw these, I swear, I swore! Ha! Not just because this bitch‘s face’s literally covered heavily with cum but because the dude who made this mess has incredibly got tons of load. You can see it for yourself. These first four photos already show you how much jizz I’m talking about but, believe me, there are still a lot of them, all poured out on this naughty bitch.

What’s more, yeah there’s actually more, this slut’s not just your typical chick that you can drag in a room and bang all night. She likes to take those clothes off in public too. And she does it in no ordinary place where it may be public but other people might not even get a glimpse of her and the nasty things that she do. She can go as wild as go naked in a public park. Say, like the Times Square? Though Jizz on My GF can’t be certain that the photo she got here is taken in Times Square, it’s just as public as it can get. She just chose a time of the day (or night), where she could at least appear to be some kind of an innocent exebitionist (if there’s even such a fucked up term). Masturbating in public like that, sitting on a bench with her breasts exposed and her pussy ready for some hard banging — this chick’s hardcore. No wonder the dude who’s lucky enough to be fucking her’s got so much load in him. Check out the rest of the wet photos here now and get a towel ready coz a box of Kleenex won’t be enough!