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Cum-drenched blindfolded chick playing with her pussy

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

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Slutty brunette gets drenched and swallows cum

Monday, June 8th, 2009

This is another wet episode here on Jizz On My GF. We found this brunette chick in the piles and piles of our photo shack and it’ll be a waste to not share her with you. So here, take a good look and view all the bits and pieces of naughtiness of this bitch. Well, of course, these are just the portion of the whole lot. We got to tease you a bit and tell something first about our new filthy candidate here. As the title of this blog post states, she is no different than the rest of the bitches we have here – she extremely loves jizz. And not just love having it on her body or face, but she is so into swallowing those sticky goo and wiping it clean with her tongue. And as if getting jizzed on is not enough, she takes her dildo and play with her twat. I guess she’s not just a fan of her boyfriend’s cum but her own delicious juice as well. She likes the taste of both – just watch her lick her fingers clean after a hot cum bath and facial. If I were this dude she’s with, I will spread my jizz on her entire face and watch her breathe through it. I particularly like seeing my bitches enjoy my cum while they watch it ooze on their cheeks and mouth, makes me thrice as horny. is waiting for all of you who are addicted on spraying cum or getting them yourselves. Visit this link now and enjoy loads of sticky episodes like this one.