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Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

She’s the life of a party alright. In her sexy black dress, revealing almost the entire set of big knockers on her chest, and sporting a kinky do – she’s bound to get fucked tonight and, yes, she knows that too well. Jizz on My GF got this pack of pictures for you and it shows the kinky side of this hot chick. Captured steamy images in her most naughty moments with her boyfriend and his throbbing companion. It’s quite a typical scene, really, like in every party’s aftermath, you go to some place and bang away. This pair obviously planned their little midnight snack in a much cozy environment, equipped with their ever reliable camera and maybe a third party to help them with the photo shoot? Well, they are this adventurous so why not bring an audience along, eh? Since after this kinky escapade, the entire horny community will be feasting on every inch of their naughtiness – drooling over the hot exchange of both body heat and bodily fluids. Yum.

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Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Miss the drippin’ sleazy sound of cum or the way it spurts and hits your bitch’s face? Or maybe the look of it inside her mouth? Good thing you’re back here at Jizz On My GF because we got a new tramp for all of you and she’s way hot hot hot! She’s an attractive chick who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. In this video, she gives her twat a series of maddening rubs, which made her a lot more horny and made her moan in ecstasy. While she’s pleasing herself, she is also generously giving her boyfriend’s hard dick one crazy blowjob. Talk about women being multi-taskers, this slut does one hell of a job completing her naughty tasks and coming up with nasty ways in having them done. If I were an employer, she’ll be hired on the spot by just letting me cum inside her filthy mouth like that and I’ll make sure she’ll always be put on my Overtime list.

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Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Today on Jizz On My GF is a young cum-hungry sex kitten who got spurted on real good. In these photos, she gets naked in her room with her boyfriend who owns a huge and fat dick. This hot couple made the most out of this lazy day by enjoying each others horny company. You can’t beat this healthy dose of cock sucking especially when it’ll make you moan and groan and squirm in extreme pleasure. Our slutty babe plays with her BF’s huge tool while on her bed. She sucks it hard like how a kid would on her sweet lollipop. She grabs the stiff rod like she’s holding a fresh caught bass, struggling between her grip. She keeps it hard and still by locking her lips around the tip and sucking it as far as it can go inside her warm mouth. She then rubs the jizz-filled woody on her perky tits to stimulate its already throbbing seeds. And of course, our teen whore got smothered with all the creamy cum – the fruit of her naughty and filthy labor. You can only find this hot spurting action here in Jizz On My GF! And because you want more of these milky photos, you just have to visit here and prepare your peckers for some nice spitting.

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Monday, February 2nd, 2009

On today’s creamy treat from Jizz On My GF, this video shows how much of an expert in sucking huge dicks this steamy girl is. The couple took their clothes off and got on with the kinky business. The bitchy lady kneels down and waste no time grabbing the entire woody in her hand, making sure it stays stiff and big. She sucks deep and hard, giving her BF the ultimate pleasure – making him squirm in ecstasy as he begs her to keep on going ‘til he’s ready to explode. The kinky babe enjoys the process undoubtedly and continues on sucking on her BF’s rod like it’s some giant popsicle that she wanted to eat in one starving bite.

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